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*Children using this inflatable must be supervised at all times by an adult.

*No standing or jumping is allowed on the step into the bounce house.

*Shoes must be removed before entering the bounce house.

*No wrestling, flipping, hanging on supports, roughhousing, running, or any other type of activity besides jumping is allowed in the bounce house.

*No hanging from the netting on the sides or from the roof of the bounce house. A repair fee will be imposed if the sides/roof is damaged.

*No jumping or bouncing against the columns and no climbing on the netting.
*No sharp objects, eyeglasses, confetti, jewelry, gum, food, drinks, liquid, Piñata's, or pets are allowed on the bounce house.

*No Silly String is allowed in or around the bounce house as it does irreparable damage.

*Anyone with head, back, neck, or any muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls bumps, or bouncing are not permitted in the unit at any time.
*Keep the unit away from heat and open flame at all times, material will burn or melt. If the inflatable begins to lose air, make your way to the exit immediately.

*Bounce house MUST be staked to the ground securely at all times to prevent tipping or injury. Do not use it if winds exceed 25mph - the bounce house can flip over in high winds. If high winds exist, exit the bounce house immediately and turn off the blower.

*Do not operate the bounce house when raining or if the ground is wet. Risk of serious injury due to slipping hazards and electric shock from the blower if wet conditions exist.

*Do not touch the air-blower. Children's safety depends on you. Your supervision is required. As the Lessee of the bounce house, the safety of all who come in contact with the bounce house or parts thereof is YOUR responsibility. Do not exceed the recommended maximum capacity for each age group as stated.
*Children ages 5 & older are allowed to ride.

*Parents/ guardians must be pr
esent at all times.

*Do not recommend riding if you have motion sickness.

*Passenger must remain
strapped in at all times during the ride.

* Level SOLID PAVEMENT is required

* Weight limit of 200lbs per person.

Children's safety depends on you. Your supervision is required. As the Lessee of the rolling car, the safety of all who comes in contact with the rolling car or parts thereof is your responsibility. Do not exceed the recommended maximum capacity of 420lbs.

*No wrestling, roughhousing, hitting the walls or any other type of activity is allowed in the inflatable.

*All children must allow us to set up the vests and laser tag guns and should not change anything once set up.

*The guns and vests are to be treated properly. The misuse or damage done to any property (inflatable, laser tag guns, vest) will result in a fee.



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